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Plastic Water Bottles

Water, as we know, is essential for life and good health. Bottled water companies know this and are striving to provide us with the image of better water, more exotic water, fresher and superior water. But when you look at it more closely, bottled water is not better for health, in fact it could very well be argued it is the opposite of what the bottled water companies would like us to believe. The presence of toxic products in bottled water and the environmental consequences are not good for health.


Plastic production

For starters, the production of plastic is a process requiring the use of non-renewable natural resources: oil, natural gas or coal. Then, the long and complex stages of plastic production are very energy-intensive and water-intensive: distillation, cracking, polymerization, the addition of plasticizers, the addition of additives and shaping.


Plastic recycling

Indeed, plastic, it recycles ... in theory! Certainly, recycling is better than throwing away, but remember that it is a long, costly and energy-consuming process. This is the reason why plastic bags, among others, are not recycled: it would require more resources than it takes to produce them to recycle them.


The decomposition of plastic

Once in the dump, the plastic continues to pollute for several hundred years, the time it takes to decompose. For example, a lighter takes 100 years to decompose, 450 years for a plastic bag to decompose and up to 1000 years for a plastic bottle to disappear completely! Unfortunately, even if they eventually disappear, the toxic residues of their decomposition, remain. Indeed, during this long process, very toxic and non-biodegradable particles, from the various additives added during production, are rejected and infiltrate into water and soil.


So, what can you do? Purchase a home water filter and a safe reusable bottle. Stop buying bottled water.

If you have never thought about investing in a water filter here are some of the advantages of buying one.

  1. Get Better Taste of Water

The taste of the water you drink matters almost as much as the healthiness of it. When your home water supply tastes clean and pure, you are more likely to be motivated to drink the right amount of water your body system needs to keep it hydrated.


  1. Safer for Consumption

The most important health consideration of using a water filter is the safety of the water it produces.

Even urban water supplies can be contaminated or possess traces of harmful chemicals. The correct home filtration system removes chemicals, lead, and other widely-known water contaminants.


  1. Reduced Risk of Cancer Infection

Many big companies have contributed to the contamination of water and soil by dumping contaminants into the water supply. Though authorities have struggled unsuccessfully over the years to curb this, it is quite a fact that some carcinogenic chemicals have infiltrated the water supply.

Installing a whole house water filtration system can eradicate these chemicals, helping to lower your chances of contracting certain types of cancer like colon cancer, bladder or rectal cancer, through the water you drink.

If you would like some advice about which water filter is best suited for your needs, then please get in touch. We love helping Australians fix their water.