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ALPS Water Filters is dedicated to bringing you the best in both water quality and water drinking experience. ALPS Water Filters has kept the following four tenets foremost when producing its advanced water filtration systems:

  1. Improving water quality and taste: your tap water may contain impurities. ALPS Water Filters improve the odour and taste of tap water, therefore bringing out the full aroma and flavour of tea, coffee and soft drinks. Using the water filter may improve the colour and texture of food cooked with filtered water.
  2. Protecting YOU the consumer: drinking contaminated water (lead, chlorine, mercury, aluminium…) can leave you feeling unwell. ALPS Water Filters effortlessly removes heavy metals and also harmful bacteria so your water is as pure as possible.
  3.  Adhering to the international safety standards of materials and manufacture: ISO 9001: 2008 certified. ALPS is a member of the following organisations:
    • Water Quality Association, World Assembly Division
    • Korea Testing and Research Institute
    • Korea Water Purifier Industry Cooperative
  4. Helping the environment: bottled water and other filtration systems are expensive in terms of water loss, electricity, transport and plastic waste.
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