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The dangers of Fluoride in tap water

When water was first fluoridated, it was considered a modern marvel and the benefits were such that no real data was collected on the adverse effects it had on the body. As time progressed, a huge debate raged over whether or not water with fluoride was actually detrimental or helpful to the body and teeth. These studies have proved many things but none showed that fluoride is good for anyone in the amounts that water districts were using. Here are some other interesting facts about the dangers of water fluoride:

Fluoride is a Poison - Just like lead paint was the norm a century ago, we have learned since that lead is poisonous to humans. Test have proved that fluoride is actually more poisonous than even lead is to our bodies so why are we still forced to drink it in our tap water? It is also just a little bit less toxic to our systems than arsenic is. Now arsenic in small doses slowly kills all the internal organs leading to death. If we would not put arsenic in our water supplies, why is there fluoride in it?

Fluoride Causes Cancer - Studies have shown that nearly tens of thousands of people worldwide succumb to cancer that is directly caused by fluoride in the water, every year. Since these studies were not available when this poison was first used to help it is understandable that this would not be a consideration. You would however think with all the recent studies there would be a shake up in local authorities to make the drinking water safe for everyone.

Skin Eruptions - Many people suffer from skin eruptions due to the accumulated fluoride that has been slowly gathering in their body. Fluoride does not dissipate when it is taken orally over a long period of time and instead it settles in the bones and in some cases on the actual skin layers of certain people. This can be painful as well as unsightly. The studies found that when the fluoridated water was changed out with purified water, the lesions and skin eruptions gradually went away and the skin became healthy again.

Since certain cities and water municipalities have not made the decision to stop fluoridating the water, it is best for consumers to make their own choices. Those who do not want the adverse effects of fluoridated water can always drink purified water or filtered water instead. Check out our Southern Cross Pottery ceramic water filters with the fluoride removal filter. Water passing this filter does not have any levels of fluoride and is much better for the overall health of everyone. You can get water filters and water filtration systems right in your own home so that it is just as easy as drinking from the tap but much safer for you and your family. Be sure to browse our full range as we have a filter for every need.

The facts in this article are our opinion only and we do not claim to have scientific proof of what is stated within this article, AWF.